An Attitude of Gratitude Campaigner

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

An Andover resident is taking positive steps to improve Hampshire by encouraging people that with appreciation and gratitude we can all achieve so much more.

Charity Fund Raiser, Anti Litter Campaigner, Supporter of The Charter for Rights Respect and Responsibility, 48th Winner of David Cameron’s National Points of Light Awards.

An Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Manuela's campaign is a Self Funded, Non Commercial, and Non Profit Making Organisation.

She is pro active in the community and hopes to be able to change people’s attitudes by showing what one good deed or one good action a day can do.

Manuela is supported, and continues to be inspired, by many people.

She believes passionately that through our actions we can all become Role Models for Youngsters.

Her mantra is simply this:

"Pick up one piece of litter a day, pop it in the bin, then you can get on with living"


Latest Photo

March 31st 2018
Attending the opening of Zintino At the Guildhall.

Upcoming Events

May 21st 2018
Leading Harrow Way School Litter pick to Charlton Lakes
May 17th 2018
Mayor of Test Valley Cllr Ian Carr, to present attitude of Gratitude Awards at Romsey Abbey Primary School
May 14th 2018
Attending recycling centre with Portfolio Holder Cllr Graham Stallard
May 10th 2018
Attending Andover Town Council Meeting
May 9th 2018
Attending Mayor Making Guildhall Andover
May 4th 2018
Leading Harrow Way School Litter pick to Charlton Lakes
May 2nd 2018
Meeting with Chief Inspector Kory Thorne @ Andover Police Station
April 29th 2018
Invited by Augusta park for a litter pick