All About Me...♥

I’m an Andover resident who is trying to make positive steps to improve not only my own town, but all towns and villages throughout Testvalley by encouraging people to be more appreciative for what they have got.

I believe no matter how adverse your situation is, that we all have something to be grateful for in our lives, You see the simple truth is that Kindness and Good Manners are Free.

I live in Andover but my family is scattered far and wide from Doncaster and Nottingham in the north, right down to Weymouth, including Stockbridge and Andover. I have retired, This gives me a lot of time to reflect on things around me and where I can do my bit to help those not as blessed as me. Having met 2 years ago Max the homeless guy, I now tend to live a life that could be seen as frugal and minimal..

This is because I saw that like most people I had surrounded myself with the trappings of Commercialism…

Each day I wake up and it is one day less for me on this Earth, so I do my bit to make sure that each day is not wasted. I do this by trying to be of help to others and failing that by trying to put a smile of someone’s face, Every Day, In days gone by it used to be called Doing a Good Turn a Day…

Everybody could and should do more with their lives … it is so incredibly easy.

For every kindness I receive or action, I repay it fulsomely this way there is always a surplus of goodwill to tap into… Recently for the second time this year, I embarked on another one of my stringent diets to raise awareness for Food Bank and of course to help me lose the weight

This means that this year alone I have raised for Andover Food Bank in excess of £3,600 pounds…


Latest Photo

Meeting the Director of iCandy Design

Upcoming Events

March 3rd 2018
Attending Tidworth Litter Angels Clean Up Tidworth Day
March 2nd 2018
Attending Andover Town Tidy as Part of Keep Britain Tidy
February 23rd 2018
Attending TVBC full council meeting @ Beechurst
February 7th 2018
Filmed for the BBC South Today Program
February 2nd 2018
The last day of litter picking marathon, from the boundaries points into the time ring